Welcome – Croeso to our website.

​We are a Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Cardiff. 

Many elements of the education provided here have been identified as excellent, outstanding and sector leading. 

Pupils at our school make rapid rates of progress.

St. Mary’s is a Learning Power school that is dedicated to developing academic and moral virtues amongst everyone at the school.

If, having surfed the site, you would like more information about our work, please do get in touch with us at the school.

Admissions to the School.

Governors welcome applications at any time. If you’d like to visit the school, just get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

Admission forms and a prospectus are available to download in the POLICIES AND DOCUMENTS tab above.

New Useful Link.

We’ve added  the  Friends of St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School Facebook Page to the USEFUL LINKS tab.

Diary Dates:

December 11th: Y1/2 Nativity @ 10am and Nursery/Reception Nativity @ 1.30pm.

December 12th: Nursery/Reception Nativity @ 10am and Y1/2 Nativity @ 1.30pm.

December 17th: Y3/4 Nativity @ 10am and Y5/6 Nativity @ 1.30pm.

December 18th: Y5/6 Nativity @ 10am and Y3/4 Nativity @ 1.30pm.

Friday, December 20th: Break up for Christmas Holiday.

Monday, 6th January: SPRING TERM begins! School open to children.

Friday, 14th February: INSET DAY. School closed to children.



We know that there is a strong correlation between high attendance and high attainment. 

Please help us to keep our rate at the 96% mark.  Please avoid booking holidays during term time.

This week’s attendance rates are (%)​:

Nursery 81.7
​R 86.3
​Y1 87.4
​Y2 89
​Y2/3 ​96.7
​Y3/4 92.6
​Y4 93.6
​Y5/6 94.7
​Y6 98.3

Overall attendance to date

this year is 92.8%.