The Isolation Suite!

Whilst classes are away from school due to the Corona Virus Epidemic, we thought it would be a good idea to keep in touch by sharing some of the learning they have been undertaking at home.


The class used Minecraft Education Edition to build replica coal mines. Here are some of the finished mines:

Minecraft Mine group 1 Minecraft mine group 2


As part of their work on World War One, the children were asked to research and build a plane using Minecraft Education Edition.

Here is some of the learning we received during the first lockdown.


 Lovely class tree from Y4!


Last Wednesday, Mr. Wooding talked to the Y5/6 and Y6 children about their Minecraft Sustainable School Challenge. You can see the children’s excellent work in the Ecoschools section. Mr. Wooding had made a plan of St. Mary’s school as a starting point. You may well remember that last Wednesday was rather wet! Well, Mr. Wooding finished off the school! If you are really missing school and want a wander around, you can download it and then import it into Minecraft Education Edition. You will first need to update Minecraft Education Edition by downloading and installing from here. The template for the school can be downloaded by clicking here. Once downloaded, double click on the file and it will be imported into Minecraft. To open it in Minecraft, click on Play, then Create New, then Templates and St. Mary’s School Bridgend will be there to open.


 Somebody has been working hard at home with his Mum! Well done!

 Children at the Hub decorating their morning snack!


 The Hub is back in St. Mary’s! Hurray! The children have been using their senses on a scavenger trail.


 Another lovely picture of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Happy feast day!

 A lovely picture to celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart, this Friday, 19th June.


 French Day at the hub. Making the Eiffel Tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows!


 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off! St. Mary’s Hub astronaut’s Space X mission to the ISS! Collecting moon rock on the way.

Bubble activities in the Hub today!

 Having a lovely time at the Hub!

 Lovely work form the hub!


 Children at the Hub acting out the Ascension and Pentecost! Fantastic!

 Celebrating World Bee Day at the Hub!

 Fun in the Hub this morning!


 Bush-craft at the Hub! Building dens and fires. Making bows and arrows!

 Florence Nightingale for Nurses Day.

  Year 6 used the text, Exploring the Deep, to answer questions in full sentences. It was a very interesting non-fiction book!

 Reflection on Jesus’ words from yesterday’s Gospel, ‘…or believe because of the miracles I have done’. Children in Year 6 wrote a Newspaper article about their favourite miracle.


  From the Hub! V.E. Day preparations.

 A fabulous world map showing various ecosystems!

 A lovely reflection on the Psalm from yesterday.

 From the Hub.


 I was tasked with learning about the Ascension and Pentecost this week. I coloured a picture we found together on the Internet and then set to making a lovely frame for it.

Video I have had a very busy week

 From the Hub.


 Hello Mr Watkins, I hope you are safe and well. I just thought I’d email to tell you about how our homeschooling is going. We have been working hard to keep up with school work. The support we have had from Mrs Gmitrowicz has been fantastic. We also decided to chose a project of our own to complete and have been learning about the human body the last few weeks. As well as academic work, we have been trying to use this time to learn some essential/might be useful life skills. So far, we have learned to ride a bike, tie shoelaces and tell the time. We are also learning to sew and bake. Here are some pictures of the things we’ve been doing.

 We thought you would like to see some of the learning we have done this week. We are sharing the good news that we are safe at home with our family. Today is earth day so we have been learning about that. We have been learning about Rome so made a boat today with Romulus and Remus inside. We have been doing lots of maths and made an angle checker to look for right angles at home and in the garden. We have also been a big help listening to each other read. We hope you are well and staying safe

 We learnt about earth day and this is picture of earth day .

 Also class reader, War Horse, English from BBC Bitesize, Joe Wicks PE and den building (DT).


 I am coping really well with home learning. We do about an hour a day and I do lots of reading and playing on top too. I’ve even been doing PE with Joe Wickes! This is a train station I made today for my train set and I made up a timetable too after some home learning on digital and analogue clocks in my Twinkl maths booklet.

 From the Hub!


 I have been teaching mum all about the solar system and have demonstrated this through making the planets out of my “bunchems” and then placing them on my map of the universe.


 The Stations of the Cross.

 The Easter Story flow map.



 I hope you are keeping well and staying safe. Thank you for today’s newsletter. I am enjoying being home, but also missing school, my teachers and friends at the same time. We saw lots of my class on zoom this morning which was fab. Here are some examples of my learning at home. Hope you have a lovely Easter break, and thank you for all that you and the staff have done for our children during this difficult time. Take Care.


 Hi Mr. Watkins, I hope you’re all safe and well during this tricky time. We’ve been keeping busy with our daily routines and here are some photos of our learning. I have been on HWB almost daily, my maths, reading, writing a dairy, practising timetables and taking a 5k walk with Mum daily. The guitar teacher has taught me the last two weeks on Zoom. I am also doing work for brownies, practising my Irish dancing and viola. I’ve been cooking and gardening with Dad also. We are definitely busy! Take care of yourselves!

 I have been busy making Easter Bunnies (made out of toilet roll cardboard) for the elderly ladies on our street who are in isolation. I think these would brighten up anyone’s day!

 Hello    mr     watkins, l  have been very   busy  doing  my  learning. I  have worked on  my   maths, writing and finding    out about  climate change and    tsunamis. See  you  back  in  school.

 Hello m r w a t kins, I have been very busy doing nmy   .homework. I jhave done lots of maths, learning how to be kind in lent and learnin about habitats. see you soon.

 Pizza and fractions can life get any better. and we made some hands to help with my adding and subtractions.

Weighing different objects, ordering and finding out the lightest and heaviest!

 Just wanted to share a couple of photos of us working hard on our home learning – comprehension and shapes! We’ve also been doing some baking, gardening & of course PE! We are definitely missing our teachers and friends but remaining positive about the whole experience so far!

 Some more thoughtful prayers composed by Year 6 pupils.

Year 6 have been researching endangered animals, here is some of their super work:


 A thoughtful prayer composed by a year six pupil.

 Today I have been for a nature walk, identifying trees and flowers using an app. When we came home we read the story of Palm Sunday and spoke about what happens during Mass on Palm Sunday. I then recreated a scene of Jesus entering Jerusalem.

This week I have enjoyed home learning, with looking at phonics, basic addition and number recognition, looking at quantities with baking and painting some pottery. I also retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood

 I was very happy to read and especially do maths. I have done My maths activities,PE, Just dance and manage to join virtual children’s liturgy.

 I have been doing well this first week of staying at home due to this current pandemic. Apart from some activities like reading and 9am exercise, here’s some photos. Maths – Hit The Numner Button, and completing the Stations of the Cross sheet.

This is for my dad in the Philippines.

 I have completed lots of Mymaths tasks from the Year 3 collection. I have been reading every evening too. I have drawn a Celtic round house and built a Celtic house in Lego. I have completed the Stations of the cross and two English worksheets. We have taken a very relaxed approach this week and I am coping very well.

 I very much wanted to share my independent project I’ve been working on this week, researching gravity.  It’s resulted in a lot of things being dropped out of upstairs windows!

 We hope you are safe and well. I have enjoyed planting flowers in the garden and has done lots of writing this week including writing postcards to her friends! A big thank you to St Mary’s staff for all their hard work!

 Everyday – PE inside and outside, speech and language work, colour recognition, money recognition  and counting – playing monopoly, over writing, copying the same picture, understanding being unwell so playing doctors (teaching him to phone 999 or tell his sister).